Best THC detox pills for drug test

There are many different detox pills for drug test on the market, but we all know that most of them are complete scam. The way these products operates are simple, they usually give you a detox plan what you must follow in order to get clean and pass drug test.

It usually involves drinking lots of fluids every day, eating super healthy foods, taking diuretics and exercising like crazy. Its all good, but they rely on this natural detox only, they hope this detox program alone will be enough to get you clean, their pills dont really help you.

They contains the same natural herb bullshit which do not detox your body. If you pass the test you will think their THC detox pill worked and helped you, if you fail, they will say you didn’t follow their strict detox plan and you failed because of your fault, you know what I am saying?

Complete rip off,  just like 99% of health supplements. Its a billion dollar industry and they will try to sell you basically anything, thats why Its iportant to understand how these drug detox pills work, what are the best detox pills for drug test on the market and what you should avoid at all cost.

drug detox pills

Best THC detox pills or “marijuana” detox pills

These two phrases means the same, we can call them drug detox pills as well as it works for all drugs not just weed. If you used heroin,cocain,amphetamins or any nasty shit these pills supposed to clean your system. First I would like to mention a few brands what you should avoid. I have tested some of these personally, some was tested by my buddies, so here is the list of the worst detox pills for drug test:

  • THC total herbal clease
  • Herbal Clean Premium detox
  • Magnum clean start detox
  • Max Daytox
  • Azo Cranberry
  • Niacin

Niacin drug test method

Niacin is not a drug detox pill, but its often used and recommended for drug detox.The trust about Niacin is its a complete bullshit, it not going to help you to pass drug test. Its just another bs home remedies what people keep promoting all over the internet. No one knows the proper dosage of Niacin. It can be dangerous because its a medicine, it not supposed to use without consulting your doctor. Use it on your own risk, but if you listen to me, stay away from it. There are much better THC detox pills on the market.

Reliable Drug detox pills: Toxin Rid, Herbal pre Cleanse Formula

THC detox pillsI can recommend these pills, because I know they work, if you need stronger detox and you have no much time before the test then always use Toxin Rid detox pills. herbal Pre cleanse is a great supplement if you have at least two weeks at least, you should combine it with natural detox wich involves: drinking  lots of water and exercising like crazy in order to get rid drug metabolites. Herbal Pre cleanse formula is also very reasonably priced so everyone can afford it.

Toxin Rid on the other hand is a strong detox pill what can cleane your system in as fast as 5 days, but it also depends on your body type and you smoking habits. Try to start the treatment at least one week before the test, the longer the better. They also have 10 days detox program which is highly recommended if you have enough time. Toxin Rid also should be combined with natural detoxification.

Toxin rid is manufactures by testclear they are leading in detox products.  But do not just listen to me, check out this :

toxin rid 10 day detox review

They also sell detox drinks and good quality powdered real human urine for urine drug tests. If you have any question regarding THC detox pills , please comment below. In my next article I will review some famous synthetic urine brands and detox drinks.

Marijuana – Poison or Remedy?

Call it weed or pot; call it Mary Jane or be it ganja; it does not masquerade marijuana from what it really is: simply dried buds and leaves of the Cannabis plant. So why does it remain as one of the most popular drugs being abused?

Well, it has more than 400 chemicals in it; for one. The main psychoactive component of marijuana is THC, short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol, causing euphoric effects that keep abusers coming back for more.

The most common form of intake is inhalation. The lungs will absorb this drug in a matter of mere seconds, passing the alveoli before finally entering the bloodstream. The less popular form of intake is via the oral route. Eating marijuana passes it through your stomach, where blood absorbs it to the liver to deliver it to the rest of the body. This method takes a longer time to take effect with lower THC levels, but once it does the effects last longer.

So, all the THC floating around in your blood… where does it eventually go to? To the brain, of course- where your wildest fantasies are created, hence the whole point of taking marijuana in the first place. In the brain, there are cannabinoid receptors normally activated by a neurotransmitter called anandamide, which is a cannabinoid chemical. THC is – surprise, surprise- also a cannabinoid chemical, therefore can mimic the function of anandamide and rest itself snugly at the cannabinoid receptor.

Neurones are then activated in three parts of the brain; the hippocampus, the cerebellum and the basal ganglia. This affects your recollection of recent events, coordination and unconscious muscle movements respectively.

400 chemicals in marijuana

Most marijuana abusers would report a feeling of incessant happiness; while others would just claim of utter relaxation. Some may develop strange sensations, such as the body being extra light that it was able to drift off like a helium balloon.

To achieve these momentary effects, abusers tend to use marijuana repeatedly. As a result of chronic usage, long-term effects on the brain would be detrimental. These include problems with memory and learning, thinking and problem solving; distorted perception [which explains the helium balloon sensation], loss of coordination as well as anxiety which can lead to severe episodes of panic attacks and paranoia. Besides all these, marijuana abusers suffer the same consequences of chronic smokers however with some detox pills the damage can be prevented, which are bronchitis, emphysema, dry mouth and red eyes.

However, marijuana does have its medicinal value. When used appropriately, marijuana can suppress nausea and stop convulsions by decreasing muscle spasms. For glaucoma patients, marijuana is used to relieve eye pressure. Interestingly enough, marijuana also stimulates appetite because the endocannabinoids that bind to the cannabinoid receptor in the brain as mentioned earlier will activate hunger.

Like all drugs, marijuana can both cure and kill. It all depends on where you draw the line.

Teen Marijuana Rap Star Embraced by Mainstream Media

Mac Miller weed

If you haven’t seen Mac Miller on the web yet, his branding is that of COPS meets Jackass with Justin Bieber playing the Vanilla Ice lead character.
The nineteen-year-old internet sensation has managed to get just shy of 1 million followers to his Twitter page with his marijuana-themed videos and rap music.

With the Twitter audience, Miller has convinced television and music execs to back his brand of teen rebellion.

The viral videos starring Miller are home-shot and could serve as potential evidence against the “pot-star.” In some of the shorts, Miller and friends possess and smoke what is unmistakably real marijuana.

The rap videos from Miller are no less shocking in their appeal to teens and ‘tweens. In his music video, Extra Extra, Miller mixes Debbie Gibson-like bubblegum teen innocence with a series of expletives during his rap.

In Extra Extra, a Pittsburgh, PA-based neighborhood restaurant sets the scene for Miller and friends who, while in their late teens and early twenties, look as if they’ve just completed junior high school.

Camera shots of milkshakes with sprinkles and Miller decorating his sandwich with french fries make the video appear innocent enough. However, as Miller begins to rap, a flurry of expletives shatter the popcorn dream.

“It’s easy as f***, all I need is a good beat,” Miller rhymes, “F*** me for who I am but love me for who I could be.”

For those of you who are new to Miller’s media world, he’s not a flash in the pan restricted to obscure pages in the internet world; the bad boy is headed for the mainstream media.

Miller has just landed his first acting gig on the VH1 sitcom Single Ladies, starring Clueless actress Stacy Dash, and has signed a recording contract with an independent record label.

Miller’s new album, scheduled to “drop” next year, entitled Best Day Ever, will likely include Extra Extra, as well as a parental advisory label.

Indoor Cultivation Sucks: Marijuana Resolution Speech

An article appeared in the April 15thOregonian, “Pot growing gobbles power.” Eric Mortenson tells us about research by Californian Evan Mills that indicates that indoor marijuana growing uses a full one percent of electricity consumed in the United States.

I have long held that growing pot indoors is stupid. It’s a huge full-to-part-sun plant that cannot grow with normal indoor lighting, and it takes a lot of water as well. 1000-watt lights were the standard twenty years ago when I was interested in indoor growing. The heat from these lamps and the humidity from rapidly transpiring plants has to be vented, which uses still more power.

smoking weed

If it isn’t properly vented, it is hard on a house, as is water that spills on the floor. It can cause mold and dry rot. This is a major problem for landlords screening potential tenants; tenants generally don’t tell their landlord that they plan to grow pot in a house, even with a license.

Cannabis is a big plant for which a pot is never big enough. Once its roots fill the pot, it cannot get enough water and gets stressed, which encourages indoor pests like whitefly and spider mites. This encourages the use of insecticides that lower the quality of the product, and can harm consumers.

Indoors is a very expensive, difficult way to grow marijuana. It makes electricity more expensive for everyone and ruins rentals. The only reason that anyone grows pot indoors is fear of police and/or thieves. Medical marijuana has reduced fear of cops, but it has brought the work of thieves into the open; legal growers report thefts.

A greenhouse is the best option for growing marijuana safely in Southern Oregon: it keeps the crop hidden; gives it lots of the heat and humidity it loves; it can have no floor, allowing roots to spread freely in the soil beneath; and it protects the heavy buds from fall fogs and rain that can cause mold.

When Oregon passes the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, it will end the black market within our state, and the fear of cops and pot thieves with it. People will grow a few plants in their yards for themselves; licensed growers will grow it in fields, where it belongs, for sale to the state. Farmers will grow hemp in fields for the world market.

One place you may be sure it will not be grown very much will be indoors, under lights. Landlords will have one less worry, and we won’t be wasting electricity growing a plant that loves the sun.

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Marijuana Farms Increasingly Found in Upper Class Neighborhoods

Officials with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration say that the number of indoor marijuana plants in California has quadrupled in the last three years.

Many of these plants have occurred in middle-class and upper-class suburbs. Buyers have bought homes here because the financing of these homes are cheap. They have been remodeled to build farms which are built indoors. These indoor pot operation uses sophisticated irrigation, ventilation and lighting. This structure can contain 1,800 plants.

This marijuana boom has brought in more than $100 million worth of pot last year. These homes were transformed into illicit greenhouses with blacked-out windows, sophisticated irrigation, high powered and timed lighting and ventilation devices to hide the smell of the plants. These homes are occupied by organized crime groups and are progressively creating marijuana factories.

Local authorities have discovered at least six indoor suburban pot farms in just the last month. Officials say that suburban homes are attractive to growers because they draw little attention. these homes are built throughout upscale neighborhoods with a large Asian population. this includes Diamond Bar and Chino Hills.

The Los Angeles and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department have arrested half a dozen people and expect more arrest as the investigation continue.

Since last August, officials in Northern California have arrested 16 people and seized 50 suburban pot homes and 24,000 pounds of marijuana linked to an Asian organized crime syndicate operating in Canada and the U.S.

The discovery of up to20,000 plants growing in a hilly park alongside million-dollar homes in gated Mission Viejo neighborhood. Authorities said that they discovered the crop–which was the largest in the county’s history. Law enforcement say that the crops are hidden so well that they are hard to find.

Authorities worry that home farms can attract drug violence to a normally peaceful neighborhood. State officials have been receiving repots of crimes connected to the indoor marijuana operations. There have been robberies of these indoor plants.

Officials are not encouraging people to take the law into their own hands. They say that neighbors can keep their eyes open for suspicious signs. Tall tale signs are: homes where trash cans are never taken out to the street, where overgrown plants are never trimmed or where the gardener or pool caretaker never comes.

Some pot dealers in Northern California are realizing that they have to change their way of living so that they won’t be discovered by the law. So what do they do? They hire gardeners to bring out the trash and cut their grass. This makes it look more authentic.

Gang members operating out of San Francisco set up operations in the Stockton, Modesto and Sacramento suburbs. These pot farms are nationwide and the seizures have soared.

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Understanding the positive effects of smoking weed on your health

Most of the men and women are now consuming cannabis which is also known as weed in order to get the excellent experience of smoking. When it comes to the weeds, there are a lot of opinions among the people but you will definitely get the several numbers of positive effects with the weeds on your overall health. The following are the positive effects of smoking weed on the human health to provide several benefits in the potential health improvements and treatments of various diseases. They include,

  • Relaxation – Some of the people are very stressed and depressive due to their family situations, work stress and so many other reasons. If you are taking any type of weed in the daily or regular manner, it will give the best effect of relaxation from all your depression and stress. Relaxation is one of the most considerable and immediate effects of the weeds when the users inhale its vapor. The anti-anxiety components in this weed will provide you immediate and complete relaxation from all types of stress.
  • Pain relief – When the individuals feel painful, you will be distressed and feeling bad at all. At this situation, you can use the weeds which will reduce your pain and distressed feeling by sending the chemical signals to the brain and nerves through the cells in order to activate everything in your body.
  • Bliss – Another positive effect of the cannabis or weed is that it is quite best option to take after your workout or exercise. It will be very helpful to induce the different chemicals such as anandamide, dopamine and also the serotonin which are all released from your brain. These chemical compounds will definitely make you feel amazing and make you active at all.