Best THC detox pills for drug test

There are many different detox pills for drug test on the market, but we all know that most of them are complete scam. The way these products operates are simple, they usually give you a detox plan what you must follow in order to get clean and pass drug test.

It usually involves drinking lots of fluids every day, eating super healthy foods, taking diuretics and exercising like crazy. Its all good, but they rely on this natural detox only, they hope this detox program alone will be enough to get you clean, their pills dont really help you.

They contains the same natural herb bullshit which do not detox your body. If you pass the test you will think their THC detox pill worked and helped you, if you fail, they will say you didn’t follow their strict detox plan and you failed because of your fault, you know what I am saying?

Complete rip off,  just like 99% of health supplements. Its a billion dollar industry and they will try to sell you basically anything, thats why Its iportant to understand how these drug detox pills work, what are the best detox pills for drug test on the market and what you should avoid at all cost.

drug detox pills

Best THC detox pills or “marijuana” detox pills

These two phrases means the same, we can call them drug detox pills as well as it works for all drugs not just weed. If you used heroin,cocain,amphetamins or any nasty shit these pills supposed to clean your system. First I would like to mention a few brands what you should avoid. I have tested some of these personally, some was tested by my buddies, so here is the list of the worst detox pills for drug test:

  • THC total herbal clease
  • Herbal Clean Premium detox
  • Magnum clean start detox
  • Max Daytox
  • Azo Cranberry
  • Niacin

Niacin drug test method

Niacin is not a drug detox pill, but its often used and recommended for drug detox.The trust about Niacin is its a complete bullshit, it not going to help you to pass drug test. Its just another bs home remedies what people keep promoting all over the internet. No one knows the proper dosage of Niacin. It can be dangerous because its a medicine, it not supposed to use without consulting your doctor. Use it on your own risk, but if you listen to me, stay away from it. There are much better THC detox pills on the market.

Reliable Drug detox pills: Toxin Rid, Herbal pre Cleanse Formula

THC detox pillsI can recommend these pills, because I know they work, if you need stronger detox and you have no much time before the test then always use Toxin Rid detox pills. herbal Pre cleanse is a great supplement if you have at least two weeks at least, you should combine it with natural detox wich involves: drinking  lots of water and exercising like crazy in order to get rid drug metabolites. Herbal Pre cleanse formula is also very reasonably priced so everyone can afford it.

Toxin Rid on the other hand is a strong detox pill what can cleane your system in as fast as 5 days, but it also depends on your body type and you smoking habits. Try to start the treatment at least one week before the test, the longer the better. They also have 10 days detox program which is highly recommended if you have enough time. Toxin Rid also should be combined with natural detoxification.

Toxin rid is manufactures by testclear they are leading in detox products.  But do not just listen to me, check out this :

toxin rid 10 day detox review

They also sell detox drinks and good quality powdered real human urine for urine drug tests. If you have any question regarding THC detox pills , please comment below. In my next article I will review some famous synthetic urine brands and detox drinks.