Teen Marijuana Rap Star Embraced by Mainstream Media

Mac Miller weed

If you haven’t seen Mac Miller on the web yet, his branding is that of COPS meets Jackass with Justin Bieber playing the Vanilla Ice lead character.
The nineteen-year-old internet sensation has managed to get just shy of 1 million followers to his Twitter page with his marijuana-themed videos and rap music.

With the Twitter audience, Miller has convinced television and music execs to back his brand of teen rebellion.

The viral videos starring Miller are home-shot and could serve as potential evidence against the “pot-star.” In some of the shorts, Miller and friends possess and smoke what is unmistakably real marijuana.

The rap videos from Miller are no less shocking in their appeal to teens and ‘tweens. In his music video, Extra Extra, Miller mixes Debbie Gibson-like bubblegum teen innocence with a series of expletives during his rap.

In Extra Extra, a Pittsburgh, PA-based neighborhood restaurant sets the scene for Miller and friends who, while in their late teens and early twenties, look as if they’ve just completed junior high school.

Camera shots of milkshakes with sprinkles and Miller decorating his sandwich with french fries make the video appear innocent enough. However, as Miller begins to rap, a flurry of expletives shatter the popcorn dream.

“It’s easy as f***, all I need is a good beat,” Miller rhymes, “F*** me for who I am but love me for who I could be.”

For those of you who are new to Miller’s media world, he’s not a flash in the pan restricted to obscure pages in the internet world; the bad boy is headed for the mainstream media.

Miller has just landed his first acting gig on the VH1 sitcom Single Ladies, starring Clueless actress Stacy Dash, and has signed a recording contract with an independent record label.

Miller’s new album, scheduled to “drop” next year, entitled Best Day Ever, will likely include Extra Extra, as well as a parental advisory label.